Australia awards in africa 2018 intake. Award Level: masters degree.

To be eligible to apply for an Australia government sponsored scholarship, you must: be a citizen of a participating  African country and meet the age restrictions for the award which vary by country- see the Australia awards  in Africa website for more details. you can also CONTACT me.


Modern Teaching Method

Introduction Lesson planning is important for effective implementation of the Basic Science and Technology (BST) curriculum. For you as the teacher to be able to teach very well and effectively, you must plan and prepare your lessons. In planning of your lessons in Basic Science and Technology, you need to prepare them in concrete terms.…Read more Modern Teaching Method

Problems militating against Science Education Development

Science Education in Nigeria have been facing a lot of problems which i will like to talk about as follows: Security Security issue in Nigeria has been worrisome for more than five years now because of insurgence of Niger Delta and Boko Haram. Looking properly into this, it was politically motivated but later became religiously…Read more Problems militating against Science Education Development

Importance of Science Education to National Development

In developing a nation, science education is very important in many areas. A graduate of physics education can be self-employed as stated by [1]. Most of the physics graduates have a good knowledge of electronics that is enough for them to be able to have a little period of training as apprentices and then stand…Read more Importance of Science Education to National Development

Purpose and Goals for Secondary Science Education

Nigeria as a nation comprises of 36 states and Abuja, the federal capital territory. The federal and the state governments take responsibilities for education at all levels. The level of poverty, ecological pollution and degradation in Nigeria has been attributed to the level of ignorance and illiteracy among the citizenry. The level of environmental awareness…Read more Purpose and Goals for Secondary Science Education

Nigeria Science education reform (part 2)

From the last post Nigeria Science education reform (part 1), I was making a point on the policy of education in Nigeria. I will go on to explain the national conference held, the new policy which came into play which was the 6-3-3-4 system of education. The National Policy on Education document was revised in 1981…Read more Nigeria Science education reform (part 2)

Nigeria Science education reform (part 1)

There was a notable problem in science curriculum, it was modelled on British syllabi, with content and activities in science that were beyond the experience of the Nigerian students and culturally inappropriate. Also, the science taught in secondary schools reflected the British requirements and aspirations rather than those of Nigeria (Taiwo, 1975). Abdullahi (1984) make…Read more Nigeria Science education reform (part 1)