Importance of Science Education to National Development

In developing a nation, science education is very important in many areas. A graduate of physics education can be self-employed as stated by [1].

Most of the physics graduates have a good knowledge of electronics that is enough for them to be able to have a little period of training as apprentices and then stand alone as electronic technician. For instance, Semiconductor is very important in modern technology and if properly learnt, it is enough for one to stand upon for a living.

 Semiconductor physics is part of the curriculum that any graduate in physics will learn and must learn. In [2], semiconductor is very important in a growing economy in a country like our Nigeria; it is useful in ceramic industry and a well-trained physics education graduate can be well established in ceramic industry.

Information and technology will be impossible without science education. Science and technology will not be possible without science education, take for example engineering, medicine, and architecture among others will not be possible if there is no one to teach the students the core subjects needed for these courses.

Biology education is very important to any growing economy of a country like Nigeria. Many graduates of biology education are self-employed and employers of labour; many owned schools for themselves where people works and earn their living while some are in to fish business.

 Also there are colleges of education where students of chemistry department are taught how to make dye and chalk; graduates of these departments can establish their own chalk business as soon as they graduate.

If supported with fund many schools do not need to buy chalk outside anymore and they can equally produce for other schools.

Above mention are just few of the important of science education to development of a nation.


[1] Tunde, O, Akintoye, O.H. & Adeyemo, S.A. Career prospects in Physics education in a quest towards entrepreneurial skill Development. Research Journal of Social Sciences. 1 (6), 1-5.

[2] Aina, J.K. The Economic importance of conductor, semiconductor and insulator. Retrieved from


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