Nigeria Science education reform (part 1)

There was a notable problem in science curriculum, it was modelled on British syllabi, with content and activities in science that were beyond the experience of the Nigerian students and culturally inappropriate. Also, the science taught in secondary schools reflected the British requirements and aspirations rather than those of Nigeria (Taiwo, 1975). Abdullahi (1984) make…Read more Nigeria Science education reform (part 1)


History of science education in Nigeria

Teaching of science in Nigeria started during the period of Christian missionaries who introduced western education in Nigeria. This started with the establishment of church missionary society (CMS) grammar school in lagos, Nigeria in 1859, others include the roman catholic missionary (RCM), African mission of south Baptist convention, Wesleyan Methodist mission,  among the rest of…Read more History of science education in Nigeria


Science education may be seen as a work of simply learning facts by memorization to the public. Science education in recent times generally focuses on teaching the concepts and misconceptions of science which learners hold in regards to science concepts or other content. Constructionist thinking is seen to influence science education strongly. In science education,…Read more PEDAGOGY


INTRODUCTION: Science education is the field concerned with sharing science content and process with individuals not traditionally considered part of the scientific community. Learners include children, college students, or adults within the general public; the field of science education comprises of work in science content, science process (the scientific method), some social science, and some…Read more SCIENCE EDUCATION

learning theory (gestalt theory)

Kohler (1925) The Mentality of Apes (cited in Alhassan, 2000), explained learning as a perceptual process with the major emphasis being on the study of relationships and how people learn to see relationships among various items of experience. Learning of relationships can be clearly seen in the phenomenon of insight. Sometimes, pupils work for a…Read more learning theory (gestalt theory)

What is Supervision

Supervision means an all-out effort of the school officials directed towards providing leadership to teachers and other educational workers for the improvement of institution. It involves both human and material elements. The human elements are the pupils, parents, teachers and other employees, the community and other officials of the state. On the material side money,…Read more What is Supervision

what i understand by the term curriculum and the term instruction.

There are various meaning of the term curriculum as presented by meaning experts. The term curriculum is not difficult to define but each scholar tends to look at the term from certain angle. Schools exist in society for the main purpose of transmitting existing knowledge, culture and traditions of the society to her learners. This…Read more what i understand by the term curriculum and the term instruction.